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Old 21-12-16, 18:54
rufford155 rufford155 is offline
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Default Why OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business?

Sign-in to OneDrive website asks whether I want OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.
Control Panel > Programs lists 'Microsoft OneDrive' only.
Start > All Programs lists 'OneDrive for Business' only.
I do not have a business account so I am totally confused.
Microsoft Community have not been helpful (as usual) only directing me to support pages that are vague.

Do I have one program or two on my computer?
It seems to be one program with two different names !!!
I think it came built into Windows 8.1 - is this correct?
I do have a subscription to Office 365 - is that where it came from?
Is it possible to get rid of all references to OneDrive for business to avoid the confusion?
I only need one personal Microsoft account.

It seems that although All Programs lists 'One Drive for Business' the associated .exe file is just 'OneDrive'.
If I open this it asks me to set up an account - but I already have a OneDrive account !!!
There is also a Windows App 'OneDrive' and I think this might be what I am using to access my account via the notification icon and using my Microsoft password.

So my specific questions are :-
(1) Where did OneDrive for Business (OneDrive.exe) come from? (I didn't install it).
(2) Is it the App or the .exe file that's generating the notification icon?

(3) Is it safe to uninstall the .exe and just carry on using the App?

Thanks for any advice - and Merry Christmas.
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Old 21-12-16, 22:42
Helmut Helmut is offline
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Default Re: Why OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business?

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Old 22-12-16, 18:16
rufford155 rufford155 is offline
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Default Re: Why OneDrive AND OneDrive for Business?

Thanks Helmut but I've already looked at all the MS support stuff.
(That's what their community site advised).
But it doesn't really answer my concerns and confusion properly.
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