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Old 02-02-18, 20:42
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Default Wondershare Video Converter.

In short, I would suggest avoid this converter at all cost.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but not sure where best to put so that more members see it.

For those who have the time and interest to know why avoid here follows

I haven't used a stand a lone converter for a few years as the 3 or 4 editors I have always had a good selection of file options between them and still do come to that, but they are getting a bit long in the tooth now and occasionally have objected to some of the latest file types.

So not having been keeping in touch started reading some free converter reviews listed and one called Wondershare which and this was rated quite highly by a few sites. I looked it up and there was lots a stuff and services on offer all which seemed very good and very plausible, so I dipped a toe in.

I may have got a dodgy download but it came direct from the WS site but since digging a bit more like I should have done before downloading it gets a 'poor reputation' rating from some Security Software houses.

Any muggins clicked on download and It downloaded and installed without problem. It looked a decent enough interface but fairly ordinary in that it didn't seem to have the whistles and bells I was expecting. Yes it was also a player and looked quite a decent one and it did have some basic editing tools as well while also claiming to be able to convert to and from just about every video format there is, so I decided it might be worth hanging onto to see how it worked out.

The first annoyance was that it is one of those programs which takes over any and every file it can handle on your computer by changing the various file icons to its own icon which is a big 'W' and I think it a gaudy 'W'. It also edits the registry to switch all thumbnails off so now all your files are just B**** big gaudy 'W' with no thumbnail. It also does this to your stills galleries so where you could previously look for the snap(s) or video you wanted by scanning the thumbnails all you now have is a screen full large big blue 'Ws' to click your way through until you hit on the one you want. There is no way to turn thumbnails back on, even when you uninstall Wondershare the altered registry values remain altered.

Worse, for some reason it doesn't replace the thumbnails with its own ugly icon, for some files, it creates copies. So you then have one big W for the original file and a copy of the same file with another big W but this one has a none standard file extension which will only play through the WS player. So now you have twice as many big Ws to click through than you would have had. Blummin nightmare. I changed the default players back to how they were and deleted the copied files with the WS ext. So now I had all the files back as they were but still no thumbnails, that would now need the registry editing or ditching WS and a system restore.

But that was just the beginning, Weird things started happening, so I knew I had caught a cold. I uninstalled WS with Revo, and did a system restore.

Ran AV and Malware scans, MWBs found no less than 6 pups none of which had been flagged during the install. Got rid of those but Avast had been crashing every 10 minutes and still was, (dropping all shields at 10 minute intervals) after re-enabling shields a few times it would then start to crash completely on the ten minutes. Also, Firefox was doing various weird things. I tried Avast repair, tried uninstalling with the Avast tool in safemode and reinstalling with a newly downloaded Avast installer, but the every ten minute shut down of all shields continued.

Next I restored to the earliest restore point I had which was in December I then download a fresh Avast uninstall tool and another new installer.

This time when I came to download the fresh Avast stuff it just so happens that in December I had temporarily set the download destination to one of my graphics folders as I was at that time downloading a lot of graphics for a project and I didn't want them in the downloads folder. The auto restore point must have caught that setting because when I came to download the Avast tool that folder opened and there was a .exe file with a weird name which I didn't recognise. It went straight in the bin, I then uninstalled Avast and reinstalled it. The ten minute things continued but now I was on the hunt for any other files lurking in my works folder. I found a .xml file in a documents folder called TakedownTask. So I deleted it, all this time Avast had been telling me that it needed to reboot in order to restart the shields, so I rebooted.

Avast loaded normally and the ten minute thing stopped. So I turned my attention to Firefox but when I started FF it loaded with a pop-up saying 'we are installing your add-ons' but I hadn't downloaded or changed the add-ons. However, when FF did load it wasn't FF 57 Quantum which it had previously been it was Quantum version 58 and a complete new install not just an update. No add-ons, no menu bar, no favorites bar and all my book marks gone (Damn to that) but a small price to pay for getting rid of the biggest pain in the back side bit of software I have tried in a long time.
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