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Old 13-01-18, 18:13
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Default Win 7 HP start up slow

Switch on computer - go to "guest" (my normal page) Win 7 then takes at least 2 minutes to do anything except show "welcome". Then it goes to a selection of 5 items, 1. lock computer 2. switch user 3. log off 4.change a password 5. start task manager and at the bottom - "cancel" so would appreciate any help about this slowness, it only seemed to happen after a recent update. Thank you for any help..
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Old 13-01-18, 20:06
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Default Re: Win 7 HP start up slow

The recent update - was it KB4056894 ?

If it was then you can uninstall it because it has been causing other problems and has been withdrawn, although it was warned that it could impact performance.

Go to Installed Updates and type KB4056894 into the top right search box and when it comes up, right click on it and select Uninstall.

This can take a while to complete.
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