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Old 10-01-18, 17:54
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Default Start Menu missing


I have 2 SSD Hard drives in the same Box - 1 is 128Gb & 1 is 256Gb.

I have Windows 10 on both, and can boot to either, but the 128 is the one I use as default (the 256 is used for software that I use rarely, such as music & Video etc).

I keep them both updated (the 256 probably monthly)

The 128 is now running Winver1709-16299.192, but having updated the 256, I can only get it to get to Winver_1709_16299.125

That I can live with, but the 256 will not show anything if I left click on the start menu button, in spite of me performing 3 restarts, It still refuses to show a start menu.
the 128Gb has no issues like this.

Any idea why this is happening - it can't be hardware, as both use the same hardware, and both are using the same Windows version.

I get a message about shutting down Task Host Window, but there is NO task host window showing in the task bar. Also I get the "Updating" message each time.

As I see it, I could completely rebuild the 256Gb drive (is MCT available for 1709?). If it was reliable, I could use it as the default drive, but with no start menu, it's not feasible.

Thoughts? - Thanks
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