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Old 03-01-18, 16:20
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Default WiFi range.

Not sure if anyone can help but I have the need for a covert surveillance camera that would be able to prove or disprove if pilfering is taking place on my business premises. I do have a CCTV system in place but I have a warehouse that I can't see from my office and I want to monitor it when a certain vehicle arrives. I believe an employee is also involved and so I don't want to install an additional camera on the existing system because it would then be visible. The position of my planned covert camera would be approximately 60 metres from my office which is the location of the router.

My question is : Is it possible for a WiFi signal from the camera to be boosted somehow so that it would get back to my router ? There is 240v close to where I would position the camera.

Thanks for any help.
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