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Old 20-04-17, 11:24
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Talking New on on me

Ok guys,

An employee from a firm upstairs in the building I work in asked me if it was possible that two computers could be linked, so that if he changed his background or password, the same would apply to another computer.?

I answered No. Whilst they might be on the same network, they are separate computers. No domain is involved.
He came back and said 'Oh but it does'

Both usernames on the computers were the same, but that was just due to an ex employee starting with a desktop and then moving to a laptop.

I changed the background on one and sure enough a few minutes later it changed on the other computer to be the same.??????

Same occurs with password apparently, which raised his concerns.

Turns out it appears to be because the computers had the same name?

Renamed one to something else and so far it has not sync'd?

Never come across that before.
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