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Old 13-10-18, 12:18
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Default hp envy 4507

have problem with daughters printer,it displays "cannot print,contact www.hpinstantink.com for more imformation" been there it only seems to tell me of all the benefits of instant ink and if i ring the telephone number support is closed.online assistant is useless.have run HP doctor and it said it updated then would not print the test page.
i previously ran HP docter on her PC and it again updated and then got as far a driver conflict,so i deleted the printer and reinstalled and still get cannot print. also got a paper jam error but i think that was due to a incorrectly loaded paper(grandson)
is there anything i can do or wait till Monday to call HP?
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Old 13-10-18, 14:31
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Default Re: hp envy 4507

All sorted,account payment details had to be updated,my daughters bank had updated her card,due to fraud problems,she had not updated the site, so because it could not take 1.99 it blocked her printer,and never told her it could not take payment,well done HP.
So for anyone else on HP instant ink,and thetr printer stops working check their payments are up to date.
the error on the printer said visit https://instantink.hpconnected.com/u...=va_65bsqvipye which gives no help and the support line is closed weekends.
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