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Default Finding a Phone box in 2018 as opposed to the 1960's/70's

I am Polling the local area to find Phone box sites to submit as candidates for the New InlinkUK kiosks Need lots more feet on the Ground only rule Ignore the Classic red phone boxes also Places where the Box is close to another Advert board unless the Company is the same as the Contractor in this rollout

So Today I have got 10 Locations with Telephone boxes in Situ (to nominate) But with BT going mad abolishing Unprofitable Phone boxes and Some regularly vandalised boxes in recent years and myself knowing Lots of old locations . What,s Left is knowing where a working box is located My 3 nearest are 1 200 meters distant which is battered by cars and The Panes are missing Handset is often smashed as well as being a Toilet
#2 is At the North end of the Estate about 20 minutes walk this is a bit sheltered but the only reason it was kept was for Phoning Taxis Is mid way between 3 busy pubs Hence Its another 'Toilet"
#3 is across the Main Road on Another Estate and is the Lone outdoors Box
This one is Vandalized by the Kids and sad to say Shady characters use this too

I do remember on the same Area Ca 30 to 40 years ago there was Better than 30 boxes serving the Community

Returning to my Poll I knew where several key pay phones were located
But in the last 5 years they too were abolished (no notice given)

If anything BT should add these to the rollout list Most where the Modern steel type
And without a handset to smash and an instant 999 connection button Plus Charging facilities I think they'll last longer (Oh Yes ,No Coin box to crack open) Its a Free phone box with a Free gigabit Wifi Hotspot 😎
PS Cannot see anything about BT siting these Inside indoor shopping malls? Worth a Press enquiry?

Some FAQ Facts:
Launching in London, the project will extend to cities across the UK. At least 750 InLinks will be installed over the next few years.
Hundreds of BT's existing phone boxes will be replaced with the new InLinks to reduce clutter on the street. The traditional red phone boxes, many of which are designated grade II listed buildings, will not be replaced.


InLinkUK connects the fastest available internet service to the fastest commercially available Wi-Fi equipment and opens all that bandwidth for people to use -- no data caps or time-outs.
Each InLink can support hundreds of Wi-Fi users simultaneously.
Antenna Design is responsible for the sleek, ultramodern physical design of the InLink.
At 27cm wide and 89cm long, the footprint of each InLink is much smaller than existing phone boxes on UK pavements today.
Each InLink is built to withstand extreme heat and cold, rain, snow and flooding, earthquakes, vandalism and theft - all while conforming to safety standards.
The touchscreen tablet runs on a secure Android operating system. Through the tablet, people can access local services and get maps and directions.
Additional apps and services will be rolled out on an ongoing basis over the next several years.
Services come at no cost to users or taxpayers as they will be funded by advertising revenues generated by the InLinks' digital displays.
You're Welcome.
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