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Default Recover accidentally lost messages

Have you ever had the very annoying experience of typing a message somewhere maybe in a forum or an email and lost it because either the browser crashed or you accidentally closed the wrong tab? When this happens, you may have to start all over again and it's so infuriating! This happened to me yesterday for about the umpteenth time, so I went to the Chrome Web Store and found this add-on:

Typio Form Recovery - Chrome Web Store

Typio Form Recovery records what you're typing and if disaster happens, it will recover what you've written so far. It puts an icon on on a toolbar and another small one in the text area. When you check the saved details by using Typio's message area icon, you're also offered the option to 'Copy to clipboard'; this is in addition to what it already does, not instead of it. Text is saved for 7 days by default, but you can change this in the add-on's Options.

It works in email ~ I've tried it out in Outlook Email, Gmail and BT Yahoo Mail and it's fine in all of them; it even appears when you're logging in but only for your email address, not your password. Another Chrome add-on which seems similar is this one:

Text Input Recover Extension - Chrome Web Store

As well as in Chrome, both of these add-ons will also work in Opera* and Vivaldi. *Opera needs to have Install Chrome Extensions installed to do this. For Firefox users, it may be worth checking out Textarea Cache:

Textarea Cache Add-ons for Firefox

I don't know anything about either Text Input Recover Extension (TIRE) or
Textarea Cache as I'e never used them. I've had Typio for less than 1 day too and so far it seems fine, it does what I wanted it to do ~ records text and recovers it if necessary as I've established already by testing it! Saved text will still be there even after the browser is closed and re-opened, although you can delete it whenever you want to - you don't have to wait for 7 days.
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