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Old 25-05-18, 19:01
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Question Google images UI, Android version or Desktop?

While I like the latest version of Google Images UI with its combined colour/keyword bar scrollable (slow!) on Desktop, has anybody tried the Tablet version with its separate "Exposed" color and keyword toolbars Which is almighty fast on the scrolling! Screen results Drag is also fast but that's another thing to be addressed on the Windows version Have to use the scroll bar and they are slow by comparison!
I for one would ask Google to make a Version where the Mouse could drag-scroll the Colour selection bar across smoothly and Not Notchy Also keep the key word predictions separate ,and not as many as the current Desktop version on many occasions
NOTE: What's the situation as regard the current Touch screen Laptop Desktop Versions of Google? Are they lumbered with the same UI layout as the Non Tablet version?
You're Welcome.
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