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Old 21-05-18, 21:02
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Unhappy "Related"(advanced) Searching on Search engines

I am a Good Searcher for looking deeper on many search engines But there is a Common issue on all Search engines, and that is trying to make sense of the "Related:" feature Which is often difficult to find an alternative to my original Target search I digress :The Icon /Keyword or link
And if you Try, often it goes badly awry within the 1st batch of results

However I do have a "Winner" of sorts and that is Google whose symbol icon is a tiny black triangle

Bing can only try images But The Results are unstable .Yahoo is the exact same

Duckduckgo does make a half attempt when I used it KW related in the search box. So for the Moment that's my runner up
Only rule is It must Keep the Original Domain URL to Win
And what of the others? Only the specialist Clustering search engines would beat these but many have closed or Crashed I can't see any usable as at this posting time bar Yippy the other Big one was Vivisimo (owned by IBM) Closed ! Historical NOTE: (ex Wiki) Vivisimo's public web search engine Clusty was a metasearch engine with document clustering; it was sold to Yippy, Inc. in 2010.
ex: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vivisimo
You're Welcome.
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