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Old 05-05-18, 09:47
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Default Failing email validation in forms

When completing online forms I have quite often found that all goes well until I get the Confirm email address input field when the field won't accept anything. I see that there is quite a lot of online discussion about using this validation method but it is all between people who create the forms rather than users of them, so not very helpful. Those coders are concerned at the level of abandonment. I have abandoned forms myself but I have also tried to get round the problem if I am keen to complete a form.

I use the Pale Moon browser and have sometimes been able to continue by selecting 'view this page in IE' but if I haven't saved input text, other than my address, I would have to write it again. The other method that sometimes works after a fresh start is to input the email address in the 'confirm' field first.

I use Windows 10 and I do have javascript enabled.
Is this a common problem I wonder, and is there a setting change that would help, or another reliable approach?
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