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Old 02-07-18, 14:27
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Default Quick external device check for W10 (USB)

If you have any devices "Live" plugged into the USB sockets on Windows 10 You will hear the Connection Jingle Same as Older windows. But if you check the "Show hidden Icons" There is an almost cat ( or Petrol pump?) style icon display with the Legend:"Safely Remove hardware and eject media"
NOTE Clicking on this ,takes you to the Open Devices and Printers display on the Control Panel
Additional help as I have got my Android Tablet charging (off the PC's USB socket )as I post this Thread It is Shown as "Android" with a Green status Light on the device link. To reveal the Advanced controls ,for that device, Click on the Icon
You're Welcome.
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Old 02-07-18, 16:17
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Default Re: Quick external device check for W10 (USB)

If I have an USB Flash drive plugged in there, I'll already have Windows Explorer open where I would right click on the drive and select Eject which will give me a safe to remove message.

The only other devices I have to plug in are ext. HDDs and clicking on that "petrol pump" will give me an eject the HDD and after a short while will give me a safe to remove message as well.

It doesn't take me anywhere else.

These eject methods must be used for any storage devices which have been formatted to NTFS.
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