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Default Re: What is RAM? How it affects your computerís performance

Originally Posted by roy5051uk View Post
cupboard, for VHS-C tapes, which I have not used for over 10 years. Why do I keep it? Well, since the demise of VHS video recorders, it is the only machine that will play my old recorded tapes. I have transferred them to DVD but still hang on to the originals in case the DVDs give up the ghost.
If you haven't played VHS tapes for over 10 years you might be a bit disappointed with quality when you do, especially if they have been stored somewhere very cold during winter or very hot during summer like for instance a loft.

DVDs will always outlive VHS Tapes unless the DVDs are physically damaged. Best to pop your valuable memories onto a ext HDD and put it away somewhere dry with a moderate temperature all year round such as a corner of a wardrobe or cupboard.
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