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Old 23-06-18, 13:52
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Default Re: What is Spotflux and how do I get rid?

Oh dear, I am going to bother you again as I hope you know answers to these straightaway.
I'm falling out of love with Vivaldi 'cos of these practical reasons.

Firstly, no obvious way to send a page by email (with a link).
I've found an extension but is there another way built in?

Secondly, it's quite convoluted to add a bookmark.
Seems you have to click through all your bookmark folders to the one you want to put it in which takes a while as I have over 1,000 bookmarks in lots of organised folders.
And then if you want a different name for the bookmark to the one saved automatically, you have to go into bookmark management and click through everything yet again to find it.
This is putting me off, Firefox is much, much easier.
Is there a better way?

P.S. Someone on the Vivaldi forum sent me a solution to the scrolling using chrome://flags but it didn't work !
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