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Old 22-05-18, 18:10
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Default Youtube videos disappear . . .

A few times recently, I have wanted to watch a Youtube video but when I click to bring it up, when the relevant icons appear (sometimes they don't!) when I click on the selected icon the screen just turns blank.

Now this has become urgent since the Light Of My Life wants to troubleshoot his non-starting power hose and although there are several Youtube videos offering help, I can't access any of them, either in Firefox or IE. LOML is in a permanently bad mood. What's going on? (with Youtube, not with him).
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Old 22-05-18, 18:57
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Default Re: Youtube videos disappear . . .

Can't give you an instant solution to this issue. Sounds to us like blocked URL or a settings Glitch in the browser on the session. Cure is normally resetting the Browser or the computer.

My workaround If its continuing to discount YT going Walkabout is to run the search keyword in the search engine and see what shows on the Videos Tab YouTube does often show first, Suggest trying Duckduckgo Bing and Yahoo first
You're Welcome.
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