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Old 19-04-18, 18:33
jedcop jedcop is offline
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paypal want me to upload my driving licence to prove my id,but I do not know how to do this.i need instructions please as I have never done this......clapman.....thasnks
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Old 19-04-18, 18:51
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Default Re: UPLOADING?

I can think of two options:

a. Scan your drivers licience(if you have a scanner) and send the image as an attachment to paypal.

b. Take a digital photo of your licience, transfer it to your PC, then send the image as before to paypal by email.

PS: Is this a genuine request from paypal ?????
Lots of dodgy scams around at the moment.
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Old 19-04-18, 19:06
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Default Re: UPLOADING?

I agree, this looks like a scam and should be ignored. A driving licence shows many personal details - photo, address, date of birth etc - enough for a scammer to steal your identity.
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Old 19-04-18, 19:38
jedcop jedcop is offline
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Default Re: UPLOADING?

I know what you are getting at but it is on their website?
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Old 19-04-18, 20:14
Moonshine Moonshine is offline
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Default Re: UPLOADING?

It isnít unusual for PayPal to ask for documentation.
You have to understand that legal, registered organisations that handle/deal/trade with peopleís money are regulated and there are certain legal obligations to undertake.

I donít know the circumstances of why Jedcop is being asked for a copy of the driving licence, itís none of our business, but as an example, if there has been fraudulent activity on the account and it has been suspended, certain security measures are put in place to establish an identity.

I have just been into my PayPal account, and if I wanted to change some personal details, I have to provide documentation to validate it and an Upload Files tab is provided to navigate to it.

How do I provide documents to PayPal? in an Ďaccount limitationí example:


Anyone who is being asked for documentation should first establish if the request is genuine.
Log in to the PayPal ĎResolution Centreí > https://www.paypal.com/disputes/ - and see if there is anything showing for your attention.
If you canít establish whether the request is genuine or are too distrustful to continue, then phoning them is the way to go to clarify the situation.
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Old 19-04-18, 20:50
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Default Re: UPLOADING?

Contrariwise,continued Tweedledee, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be: but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.
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