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Old 25-05-15, 09:51
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Default Laptop replacement battery

I may try to get a replacements for my Dell Studio laptop. They don't seem to sell them on the Dell website. Anyone have any recommend suppliers? I bought a cheap one on ebay but it didn't last long.

Has anyone tried one of these extra capacity batteries that sticks out at the back (example link below)? Looks like it will tilt your laptop forwards, which may give the keyboard a more natural slope and improve ventilation. Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

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Old 25-05-15, 10:14
Cantrel Cantrel is offline
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Default Re: Laptop replacement battery

I think it would best if you contacted Dell and ask their recommendation where to obtain a genuine battery for your laptop as while that says it is for your model, so did the one you bought on e-bay.

A genuine 9 cell for my Toshiba from a Toshiba partnered coy would cost me ~79 and while I don't know the average cost of genuine Dell batteries - that one seems to be somewhat cheaper by comparison and could be a Chinese generic reproduction.
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Old 25-05-15, 13:02
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Default Re: Laptop replacement battery

Betty ... my first question would be do you NEED a battery? For me a laptop is a machine I use on my knee ... on the couch - in front of the telly (with my girly by my side ).... so mine's always plugged in to the mains

I've never taken it anywhere that didn't have a place to plug it in. My old laptop's battery was the original ... but even at the end it did about 20-30 minutes which was enough to move it to a different plug occasionally.

Own brand accessories always tend to be eyewateringly expensive ... because they can ... not because they're better. The problem you have is finding the equivalent that's decent quality.

Google ... and an hour browsing through reviews is usually a good indicator. The likes of e-bay give some indication ... a decent sales rate with good reviews is at least a starter. I'd want a UK supplier (but remember it's pretty much all made in china these days - don't dismiss based on that alone).

You haven't given the exact model ... but
E-bay and amazon are showing between 9-15
Dell (only one I can quickly find) $129 (that's 83!!!) ... it looks like the laptop is about 5 years old ??? ... is it worth throwing another 80 at it? Realistically it's worth in the region of 150-200 top.

It needs to say Li Lon and the higher the mAh number the better (above 4400mAh is good)

I'm not trying to sway you either way ... just thinking out loud - the decision's yours

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Old 25-05-15, 18:54
Teddyboy Teddyboy is offline
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Default Re: Laptop replacement battery

betty,I have good service from www.laptopsandspares.com I buy their Sony and I've no problems,and a uk company.
Regards Teddyboy.
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Old 30-05-15, 10:40
betty betty is offline
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Default Re: Laptop replacement battery

Many thanks for all your comments. Good idea about not using the battery and plugging it in everywhere. I'll get my extension cables out and give it a go as the plug sockets aren't that close. Thanks!
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