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Default Outlook 2007 TLD EU

Hi all,

I researched this online and only found 1 article about it which was not explicit enough for me to risk tampering with the registry entry for me to be confident of not causing more problems than I am looking to solve; so I thought I'd come to the font of all knowledge...here

I rely heavily on email in my business and currently seem to being targeted by malicious spam purporting to come from other users of /and my email host themselves. I have looked up the headers and see that all of seems to be coming from various versions of “megaservers.eu”.

I use Outlook 2007 with which I am very happy and do not wish to update to a later version. The issue is this; the Top Level Domain (TLD) in Outlook did not include .EU until a few years after Outlook 2007, so it is not listed in the TLD Blocking option as (say) Nigeria is. I understand it is not possible to simply add a check box for a new TLD but that it Can be manually added by way of a registry edit.

I found a couple of articles saying how to do this which includes a video, however whilst I can follow the instructions as far as finding the entry, the instructions and video are vague to say the least as to which Part to edit; as far as I can there is no way of telling which is which. (It says to edit a country you Don't want to block (so that’s only US &GB for me) but I can’t tell which is which.


If anyone has familiarity with this tweak I’d love to know even though I appreciate the header details can be faked too. I have added “megaservers.eu” to the blocked senders list but to no avail; I have had three virus laden emails like this in the last 7 days; thankfully my antivirus has caught them and removed the nasties and alerted me but I’d love to stop them getting that far if possible.

I know it’s easier to upgrade but that seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut approach.

Any assistance appreciated.
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