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Old 05-03-18, 06:24
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Default Ethernet cables

In another thread on here Ethernet cable is mentioned. I use wi-fi as my computer is a distance from the router in the hallway. I get good service but occasionally as in the post mentioned, ethernet cable is suggested to carry out a task.
As we all know, when you buy a router, you normally get a small length of ether net cabling which is of no real use what so ever. I know you can get lengths of cable from Amazon, but I don't use Amazon unless I have to for reasons to long to state here. Also I think I have read that there are different types of ether net cable you can use.
Advice on ether net cabling, connection,etc, plus UK suppliers (Probably not Maplins unfortunately) please for my info, and I'm sure others, who are interested in this subject.

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Old 05-03-18, 08:29
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Default Re: Ethernet cables

There are different types of ethernet cable. Mainly this is to do with signal loss within the cable and whether or not the cable run will be external at any point etc. For the purposes of ISP testing mid range, price wise, cable of the length or near it to what you need is okay. Amazon sell them as do Ebay and PC World or even your local "friendly" computer man.

The reason that most ISPs ask you to check a) from the BT input box test point and to use an ethernet cable is so that they can eliminate internal phone wiring, which is disconnected when you remove the front cover off the, correct, BT input box. b) wireless is so weak in this country (and probably others) that the slightest thing between your computer and your router, such as furniture, walls, doors etc, can affect the signal and more importantly the speed of your internet connection. If your wireless signal is weak your router will slow the broadband down to compensate. Also other wireless signals in the vicinity can affect your wireless signal.

Getting back to the ethernet cable whilst it is good to be able connect to the BT input box by cable the shorter that cable is the better. Not practical with a desktop I know but it is with a laptop.
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Old 05-03-18, 08:39
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Default Re: Ethernet cables

I get my Ethernet cables from https://www.cables2u.co.uk/ and you can use Ethernet cables up to 100m

I normally use a CAT6 2m cable but have a 10m one for the odd time that I hook up my Smart tv.
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Old 05-03-18, 14:04
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Default Re: Ethernet cables

Thanks for the info requested.

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