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Old 26-02-18, 20:32
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Question 8GB RAM for Dell Inspiron 3542

I want to replace the 4GB removable memory which came with the laptop with the maximum which is 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L (PC3-12800) 1.35V Non-ECC CL11 204-pin SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory. There's only one slot.

E.g. Kingston Technology part number: KVR16LS11/8 or Crucial etc.


How do prices of RAM fluctuate? It's around 70. Is there a particular time of the year the price may dip for example?

Should I stick with Kingston or Crucial or go for other makes?

What do I do with the 4GB RAM I will take out?

Thanks in advance!
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Old 26-02-18, 20:50
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Default Re: 8GB RAM for Dell Inspiron 3542

I'd have a Google to see if you can find a cheaper supplier - as for your original 4GB stick - store it in the package your new 8GB stick comes in and put that somewhere safe - you may need it.

My first Toshiba laptop came with just a 2GB stick, although it had two slots.

I originally got an identical 2GB stick and upgraded it to 4GB but later when feeling flush, I upgraded it to 8GB with 2x4GB sticks.

I still have those 2x2GB sticks which are DDR2.

EDIT - this reply was taking an age to submit until I hit F5 and then Cancel which gave me the submit button again and on clicking on that, got the message it was a duplicate post and was then taken to the posted reply.
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Old 01-03-18, 14:09
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Talking Re: 8GB RAM for Dell Inspiron 3542

What do I do with the 4GB RAM I will take out?
Flog it on ebay, people will buy anything there, but give it a month to make sure the new RAM is functional.

Meester Chris
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3542, 8gb, ddr3l, ram, sodimm

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