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Default A Free Legitimate copy of Microsoft Word, really!

Link to download, or just do a search for it in Google.

For those of us that donít need all the bells and whistles of full-blown Microsoft Office, or donít have money to throw away, Iíve recently found a way to get a version of Microsoft Word and Excel for free.

Example image:

The only nag, and itís a small one, is that in the bottom right corner of the applications there is a small advert to remind you to buy the full version of Microsoft Office - This seems pretty fair event though I donít go for ads in software, these are pretty unobtrusive and fitting with the software.

Itís a cut down version, but has everything most people would need (I havenít used the Excel version). Personally I find it a lot better than the newer Office 365 as itís not and app and doesnít have a bright white interface that makes my eyes go bloodshot at night-time. I also find that the font anti-aliasing is better than Metro apps. The default installation is tinted blue, but you can set it to grey/black like my screenshot in the options if you wish.


Windows 7 - Just launch the file to initiate the download from Microsoft and follow the online instructions.

Windows 8 and 10 - Itís a little more difficult, but not a stretch even for a complete noob. Youíll have to change the compatibility of the installation file:

1) Right click the file ďsetupconsumerc2rolw.exeĒ
2) Select ďPropertiesĒ, then the ďCompatibilityĒ tab.
3) Then click the check box ďRun this program in compatibility mode for:Ē
4) I just chose the default ďWindows XP service pack 3Ē, which worked fine. You could probably select Windows 7 too, although I didnít test this.

Once installed, I think I had to run the shortcut file as Administrator Ė Right-Click, select ďRun As AdministratorĒ. Afterwards I also received some updates for it.

Tip, Iíve no idea why, but Word always launches full-screen with the document to the left. Iíve not found a way to get it to remember its maximised, minimised or windowed state. But to get the document to at least appear in the middle, all you need to do is set the zoom to 110%. It will then move the document to the middle and keep this setting the next time you launch.

I think this strange behavior is to do with modern displays being widescreen 16:9, Word tries to make space for two pages side by side Ė please correct me if Iím wrong though, or if you find out a another method to fix this odd behavior.

One thing some might ask, ďWhy not use Libre Officeís Writer if you want a free alternative?Ē
Well one is compatibility Ė although these days Libre Writer isnít bad this way, but the other is that recent versions of Libre Writer have been a little buggy Ė printing garbage at the top of documents and font anti-aliasing not working. Itís a shame as I generally always advocate Open Source software where possible, but I think they are more interested in the Linux version than the Windows one at this time.


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Default Re: A Free Legitimate copy of Microsoft Word, really!

Great informative post. Welcome to the forum
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