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Old 17-08-17, 21:42
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Default Re: Best way of taking films progs on a plane?

Originally Posted by robinsong View Post
Sorry do not know how to check that on the SD card without the adaptor. A quick search does not find any answers.
i have put the sd card in the android phone and it now is not recognised!
That was what I was meaning - it does seem to confirm that it is the SD card & not just the adapter.
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Old 18-08-17, 04:45
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Default Re: Best way of taking films progs on a plane?

I will. Thank you very much. Off to catch the plane.
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Old 02-09-17, 15:38
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Default Re: Best way of taking films progs on a plane?

You will have gone on holiday by now looking at last post. But...

Whatever you settle on I would install MX Player (available from google Play) as far as I know it is free of adverts from the store but then so much stuff from there is increasingly coming loaded with adverts. If so I would uninstall it and search for the APK file (just google MX Player APX)

I have never had a problem with APKs downloaded from 'APKpure'

An APX file is the originally developed file before being made available as an App from App download sites where the original file can often get doctored. (you need to have 'install from other sources' checked in settings to install an APK)

I regularly watch stuff on flights via various devices and on Android MX Player has never rejected any file type. It has even played files types that VLC Player for Android wouldn't as well as those rejected by the devices native video player, even those where a 'paid for add on required' message pops up.

Lots of interesting/entertainment videos on Youtube 30mins to 90mins in length.

Also regarding your write protect problem, I haven't read all of this in detail and besides the posts are a bit cryptic to follow from the sidelines so to speak as you each know what you are replying to. But ... it occurred to me that you have been writing some large video files. FATS is limited to 2Gbs have you by any chance formatted the SD Card to NTFS so as to accommodate larger video files if so Android doesn't much like NTFS. There are ways to work around the 2Gb FATS limit though for playing videos but it will depends on various factors.

Long time since I used Handbrake but as far as I recall that does give the option to get the file below 2Gbs, while a first option MP4 conversion will often be above 2Gbs. A standard feature film compressed to below 2Gbs will usually be fine when viewed on a small screen if not there are other ways to keep the large video file and still play it via the FATS file system.

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Old 11-09-17, 11:58
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Default Re: Best way of taking films progs on a plane?

Thank you for these further thoughts. I shall consider these.
Holiday was good. Used Westjet hire a tablet for 4. However the choice was very poor, and there is about an hour and a half waste of time by the time it is hired out and collected about 45 mins before the end of the flight. The have a westjet app, however for that I needed a tablet etc.
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