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Old 30-07-18, 01:46
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Default Windows 10 turns three years old today: Here's how it's evolved

Actually, it was yesterday, so I'm only one day late! An article from Neowin:

Windows 10 turns three years old today: Here's how it's evolved - Neowin
Indeed, Microsoft was done competing with itself with new versions of Windows. On July 29, 2015, Windows 10 launched, and it was promised that there would never be a Windows 11. Here we are, exactly three years later, when we would normally see the next version of Microsoft's flagship OS.
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Old 30-07-18, 10:20
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Default Re: Windows 10 turns three years old today: Here's how it's evolved

I have been using windows 10 since it first arrived, it worked perfectly fine then as it does today after the most recent update.
I have to say that I don't notice anything different since the first version arrived 3 yrs ago (doesn't time pass by so quickly? It only seems like last year it came out.) nor has anything they have added to it been of any use to me.

Things that I would find useful would be

1. Better file manager with dual pane (non MS are available)
2. Improved Notepad with spell check (coming in next update apparently)
3. A decent replacement for the much missed original MS Movie Maker (discontinued 2012) the windows 10 video maker is useless compare to the excellent Movie Maker.
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