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Old 07-01-18, 05:43
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Default New Forum subject (Again)

I put this within another thread the other week, so am now putting it as a new post suggestion for the mag. Not sure I have it in the right forum heading but it is probably something that only WU staff could add. (If they read this of course).

"The useful "idiot sheets", that people put onto the forum for general use, such as Spit's??? infos, should have a Forum location of their own,
( are they called "Stickies"?,) so that people having problems, can put their prob in "Search" and hopefully it would throw up the answer from a new "Problems Forum" section.
Otherwise this good and useful stuff gets lost in the Mists of Time, unless it is printed in the Mag."

I am posting this request again. The reason being is that I post early and by the end of the day or at the week end there have been so many other posts after mine, that mine regularly get dropped off the bottom, also the messages over the week ends seem to go from about 48 postings on a Saturday to about 12 on a Monday, so anyone at Dennis looking through at start of play on Monday will have missed a load of stuff especially in this Thread section.

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Old 07-01-18, 23:28
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Default Re: New Forum subject (Again)

You could have posted again in your previous post to ‘bump’ it to the top fosseway - although it looks like it was probably at the top already!
"I'm Irish. We think sideways." Spike Milligan. 1918 - 2002
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