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Old 04-09-18, 11:02
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Default charging cables

am i right that not all USB cables will charge a mobile phone?i have many spare USB to mini USB cables that i wanted to use to charge a Moto G4 which has a micro USB,so i bought some adaptors but none seem to work,if i try the male micro USB to USB it works,but i can't sit and hold the phone while it charges especially as i need this lead for the car.have asked the seller to clarify,or i will have to buy a new lead.
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Old 04-09-18, 18:20
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Default Re: charging cables

thanks i have just ordered the cable and will return the adaptors,the reason i bought them was to try and use the usb mini cables i had to charge my phone in the car,and also to make a usb to usb cable to try and transfer recordings from my old youview box but as that did not work either they will be returned.the seller did not confirm if they will allow charging or if it is my cables but bite the bullet and buy the cable.
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Old 04-09-18, 18:50
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Default Re: charging cables

Another Charging option is a Powerbank a high capacity 16/1800 mAh model cost less than 20 Pounds and Gives 2 or 3 full charges
I charge my Powerbank devices up via the USB port on the PC or PS4 Takes about 4 to 6 hours

Wall plug chargers Are not reliable In my case it Took a long time to Charge then it failed internally (No fuse or reset button fitted)
You're Welcome.

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