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Old 30-01-18, 06:00
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Default Freemake Video Converter

I have tried freemake help but they just won't respond. I try to fit several tv episodes onto a dvd and freemake goes through all the motions for a couple of hours and shows burning to disk and finalizing, wonderful! BUT there is nothing on the disk, I have tried on two pcs and after inserting the dvd I am asked how I wish to use the disk, as a usb or a disk....AAAAArrrRrGGGGHHH.
P.S. I have used 4.7 and 8.7g disks.
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Old 02-02-18, 18:56
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Default Re: Freemake Video Converter

To be honest I haven't used Freemake so can only answer in general terms but to answer that specific question, what Freemake appears to be asking you is do want to use the disc written in such a way that it can be used like a USB or do you want to write a playable video. (a DVD disc)

This basically means will you want to edit the content like you would a USB because if so the disc would not have be 'finalised' for general playback whereas writing the disc for general playback (as a DVD) would make it not editable. The latter is necessary if you want to watch the video you create on equipment other than the PC which wrote it.

So in your case you would choose 'write as a disc'.

But I would suspect that when you select 'write as a disc' (or however the question is worded) there might be more questions about the type of video region, format, etc.

So you might be better off watching some of these Freemake tutorials on Youtube some of which can be very good and others not so.


Whatever you don't try Wondershare converter as I did as I just logged on here to warn others via the 'announcements' thread as it seems to get rated quite highly in number of reviews but the download I got was deadly.
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