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Old 25-01-18, 11:01
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Default office 2003

am i still safe to use office 2003,have been using it for the past 10 years with no problems,on Vista,W7 & W10,with all the security scares we read in the magazine,during my clean install of W10 i thought i would try Libre office.but i don't like it (data sorting in calc does not work in the same way as in excel, i sort a list that has dates and times,when it is downloaded it is in order with newest first,i want newest at the bottom,calc sorted it with days in numerical order irrispective of months) also the spell checker is driving me nuts with everything underlined in red that stays there even when corrected, until you reopen it.my use of office is purely local i very rarely send anything on line and only use word,excel and occasionally powerpoint,don't even install outlook.
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Old 25-01-18, 13:52
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Default Re: office 2003

I'm still using Office 2002 on Windows 7.
Always check for bundled unwanted extras when downloading and installing any new software and be sure to decline them.
Use custom install when itís available. Read all of every window before clicking.
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Old 25-01-18, 18:03
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Default Re: office 2003

I'm still using Office 2003 with Windows 10. Works fine with no problems. If you want to read, edit or save files from newer versions of MS Office then download the Microsoft Office Compatibility pack. I wouldn't wory about the bit underneath about Microsoft not supporting it after April. They haven't supported it for security updates since I started using it 5 or six years ago.
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Old 28-01-18, 12:19
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Talking Re: office 2003

I assist clients for Age UK

The last win 10 update seems to have broken Word 2003 she was using.
Associations are set, but opening a file brings up just the bare grey Word background, with most of the options greyed out and unfeacahable.

If you open word first, then a file it seems to work, but not well.
Also Outlook 2003 lost all data and her address book, which is all read from gmail.

No amount of importing the (exported) cvs files would align the data fields with Outlook, I checked them in excel, all good and plain text. But email fields ended up in City Bd names were all over the place.

Weirdly I performed this action for her two years ago without any issue. Reinstalling Office 2003 made no difference whatsoever.

Anyhow, after she had a panic attack and tears, I installed Libre Office and Thunderbird for her, she likes to have mail sorted into folders and could not handle the look of gems i itself.

It fricking works like a dream, Libre looks like pre 2007 Word, not bloody silly ribbons. Icons.

I think I!ll ditch my Office 2007 and go for Libre too, I could do amazing tables in earlier versions for the NHS, but the ribbons look is incredibly time wasting, no customisable bars for tables etc.

No way am I going to pay a yearly licence for Orrifice 365!

Meester Chris
Don't all shout at once
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Old 28-01-18, 13:09
pete.i pete.i is offline
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Default Re: office 2003

Still works fine for me with Windows version 1709.
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