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Old 08-12-17, 08:48
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Default Xmarks - Meltdown and Bookmarks Lost

I have been using Xmarks for several years and apart from the software being a bit 'flakey' had no serious problems. However about 3 days ago while I was not using it specifically I noticed that my bookmarks were disappearing from the bookmarks bar. Once the activity had ceased although the bar still showed the files all bookmarks had been erased. I normally use Chrome but on checking with my other browsers the same applied, not a bookmark left.

I logged into my account on the Xmarks site and found that although the folder structure for my bookmarks was still there all bookmarks had been deleted. I have tried to restore them but although I get the spinning wheel and it tells me it is working nothing happens. The Xmarks site makes trying to contact them very difficult and so far I have been unable to do so.

Has anyone had this problem and any ideas please?
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Old 09-12-17, 16:57
Circhenn Circhenn is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2013
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Default Re: Xmarks - Meltdown and Bookmarks Lost

I have now found that if having logged in to Xmarks and tried again to restore my bookmarks which appears to be working (but in fact does nothing) - then - open another tab and log in to Xmarks again and go to my bookmarks where I found an older version of them which I have now downloaded as an HTML document to my computer. Still unable to sync this version back to my computer but at least having this I can see most of my bookmarks.

Now after all that hassle I am definitely off from Xmarks, never to return. Now using 'Bookmark Ninja' which stores bookmarks in the cloud only from where I simply login to get access to my sites and does not require to be synced to my computer.

From what I have found it appears that my problems with Xmarks are not unique and it seems that unless you are using the paid version no support is offered. Definitely not good enough but perhaps this may help someone else struggling with Xmarks.
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Old 09-12-17, 17:24
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Default Re: Xmarks - Meltdown and Bookmarks Lost

It would seem that you were on your own with this as far as anyone else on the forum using that but thanks for the update - it may help a Google Spider.

I keep all of my useful URLs in a couple of Wordpad docs and then do a Find word search whenever I'm looking for one of them.
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