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Old 12-06-18, 13:08
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Default Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook email issue

Hello. I am not technology minded I am afraid so I hope I can explain this so you can understand.

I have an iPad mini 2. I have Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook email accounts. I cannot delete any messages from the Outlook account as when I open it and press the 'Bin' I receive a message to say Unable to Move Message. The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash. OK.

I can delete emails from Gmail and Hotmail accounts.

Hotmail and Outlook receive the same messages for my Hotmail email address - presumably because they are both Microsoft. Is this possibly why I have this issue? The reason I have both is that with Outlook I have mail, contacts, calendars and notes - whereas with Hotmail I can only get mail and notes.

I was advised to check Advanced Settings under Accounts and Passwords to ensure that Mailbox Behaviours showed Trash 'On My iPad' and 'On the Server' - which it does for the Hotmail account - but not for Outlook. Only the Deleted Mailbox is ticked in 'Move Discarded Messages Into' and there is no Mailbox Behaviours showing for Outlook.

Should I possibly get rid of the Outlook account - will this solve the problem or will it cause issues with regard to the Hotmail account seeing as they are both Microsoft? I really would like to be able to get Mail, contacts, calendars and notes - which I don't appear to be able to do with Hotmail alone.

Your valued advice about deleting these emails from Outlook would be appreciated. PLEASE - could any responses be worded as simply as possible - as technical jargon is a foreign language to me. The advice I got with regard to the Advanced Settings was a step-by-step instruction, for which I was so grateful - even though it did not resolve anything..

Thank you. I hope I have made some sense here.

Regards Dottylass
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Old 12-06-18, 21:29
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Default Re: Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook email issue

You could try right-clicking on the email(s) in question, then click Delete, or hold down the Shift key while clicking Delete. If neither of these works, I've seen from searches that this error usually happens when using IMAP accounts setup on iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The following article explains the difference between IMAP and POP:

Difference Between IMAP and POP | RoseHosting Blog

You may find this article helpful:

How to set up POP3 hotmail, live.com, or outlook.com on an iPhone
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