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Old 12-06-18, 20:22
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Question What "word"? would you use to describe this basic UI command/search feature?

I (and many others) over the years have described entering a search term or an instruction in "the Box"/Search box /entry box and many more besides.Yet there is a Correct Technical name for this feature and it has dropped out of use on the Popular forums since DOS and BASIC Commands were hidden
I am going to try using it once more to help out on the Forum where needed

It never was used for the Search engine "Search UI" (UI= User Interface) For Windows, it can be correctly called CLI which is Shorthand for Command Line Interface
The Command Shell and Windows Menu zones are typical prime locations .Is that helpful?
There is also a rare Shorthand term called UX and that relates to User Experience >Page navigation and so on
You're Welcome.
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