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Old 09-07-18, 18:56
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

I think I have now found the weak link_____me. The photo I am trying to print was taken at my son's wedding almost 50 years ago and I think it is the only photo of all my wife's family in existence. Unfortunately a lady had stood at the end of the line so I had removed her from the photo and printed the result. I now have to find a way to remove the space left after the removal of the lady which doesn't show when viewing the picture as the space is white on a white background.

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Old 09-07-18, 19:34
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

Try cropping it to exclude the white bit? Yes you will lose a bit off the top or bottom of the picture, but it should work.

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Old 13-07-18, 18:52
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

If you use the method I suggested you can adjust the visual part of the photo to safely best fit inside the dimensions you want as you will of course be cutting the photo from the sheet with a pair of scissors once it's printed.

Using that method you can even stretch or compress the photo a bit to fit better if the edited dimensions with the lady removed doesn't best suit your required size all that well. A tiny bit of stretch or compression isn't usually noticeable.

It's easier in Power Point but works just as well using Word although Word needs a bit more fiddling.

If I was doing this for myself, now you have discovered and explained what the problem actually is, I would leave the box outline in place when I printed the photo this way you can see exactly how you set it on the screen to maximise the best of the photo centrally and the black outline then provides a trimming guide for your scissors.
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Old 19-07-18, 15:40
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

Success! Printed out successfully using the method suggested by Moonshine.

My grateful thanks to all who contributed. It would have taken half the time if I hadn't, in typical OAP style, forgotten where I had put the frame in a safe place and forgotten where I had put it

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