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Old 10-05-18, 04:51
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Default Re: Printer Cartridges

It would be interesting to know how long they last, obviously depends on how much you use them. Also if you don't use them often, will the cheapo ink gum up the ink header?
I know it has been advised on here that if you don't use your printer often, to run it on a test every so often to stop it gumming up. (I know the feeling lol).

It's time that someone sorted this inks rip off out, it is madness that I can buy another printer cheaper than I can buy the bl---dy inks for the old one which probably does everything I want it to.

Wasting the earth's resources!!!, pooh, tosh, who cares, lets make money!!!!!

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Old 12-05-18, 16:14
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Default Re: Printer Cartridges

I dont use it often...and never had a gummed up ink header. I'll do a test now and again but what do you do if that happens
The group is now going to appear, so lets have some order......
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