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Old 15-05-18, 17:06
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Default Privacy Awareness Week 2018

Privacy Awareness Week, or PAW, is an initiative that aims to raise awareness about online privacy issues and the importance of safeguarding personal information. Initiated by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) in 2006, the event will be celebrated throughout May across a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region.

A literature review by the Harvard Berkman Klein Center suggests that;

“young people care deeply about privacy, particularly with regard to parents and teachers viewing personal information.”
So, how do you make your online self private? Do you care about privacy online? Do you had any experience where your privacy got hurt?

Helpful resource(s):
Privacy Awareness Week: 8 Ways People Can Protect Their Privacy Online
Privacy from Principles To Practice
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Old 15-05-18, 21:38
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Default Re: Privacy Awareness Week 2018

“young people care deeply about privacy........."
This isn't something which is specific to "young people"! Most, if not all, users of whatever age on here will have taken various precautions to protect their privacy. If they haven't, there's plenty of good,sensible advice in those articles you've linked to Nick. Following is an article from Malwarebytes Labs. It's a year old now, but still relevant:

Privacy Awareness Week: A primer - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs
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Old 16-05-18, 12:34
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Default Re: Privacy Awareness Week 2018

All those people with a live microphone attached permanently to the web via google etc, are they concerned with privacy? Do they really trust Google etc not to snoop? Did they really expect Face Book not to snoop?
I think this is the next privacy invasion scandal just waiting to happen.

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