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Old 30-10-18, 11:51
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Default Re: Strange frozen page in Vivaldi

Brilliant, many thanks for being so helpful.

The cap isn't a problem as I have a 365 sub which gives me 1 TB !
I'm over 6GB already just with photos and videos might be 100GB.

I don't like OneDrive syncing so keep it paused, only upload now and then via the browser, usually when I have something to share.

But am now on a mission to backup my media.

I do sync my documents only using Google Backup & Sync which I actually prefer to OneDrive but I'll not pay for extra storage there when I have it free with Microsoft.

I was hoping that once the stuff was uploaded I could remove it from the OneDrive folder.
But I will experiment as you suggest.

Will the upload process slow down other activity?
With a lot of data would it be best to run it overnight?
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Old 30-10-18, 15:44
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Default Re: Strange frozen page in Vivaldi

Madeline : No worries
Thanks. I suppose that fact that I don't use OneDrive was the main thing. I have no need to use it and I didn't really think the difficulty was Vivaldi-related. I hope it all goes well for you now.
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