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Old 06-01-18, 15:39
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Default cannot connect

I recently bought an android 7.0 ASUS ZenPad Z300M 10.1" Tablet, I have no problems connecting to my home BT home hub 5.0 and can browse the internet.
I like to use it at work during my lunch break but the problem I have, although it connects to the works wifi but there is no internet access. I get an Authentication Problem when I try to log on to my woks wifi account. I don't have this problem with my s7 edge.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Old 07-01-18, 05:30
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Default Re: cannot connect

Have you tried asking your works IT Dept as they may have it blocked for some reason?

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Old 07-01-18, 16:36
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Default Re: cannot connect

I have no explanation for what I'm going to suggest you try but then if no better advise is offered nothing lost.

I once had a similar problem connecting to a router that I couldn't get at and had tried on and off all day to connect. Usually rebooting the router and the device will get them talking again but if you can't get at the router you are a bit stuffed and I was connecting via a slave router. My wife's tablet and both our phones would connect but not my tablet.

An IT friend said try putting the password in and then tapping the 'enter' key on the keyboard rather than tapping connect by the password and when I tried that, blow me! it connected straight away.

He said he had no explanation for it having just been once advised by a friend of his. No guarantee of course but worth a try.
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