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Default Stored Logins

Ever got a new device or needed to log in on a different device and when you come to log into accounts you realise that the login passwords and maybe email addresses you once knew for your different accounts have been forgotten, simply because your browser stored them for you and just inserted them automatically so now you can't remember them because you haven't actually had to type them in for a long time.

My wife is good at this she never records them and then lets her machine store and insert them automatically. Having a new phone she suddenly discovered she could no longer sign in to some of her accounts so I had to scratch my head.

The solution was as follows, I booted up her laptop, this will be similar on most browsers but as we use Firefox here's how it works on the latest version of Firefox.

Click the three little bars top right of screen and then select options. > In the tab that opens type 'saved' into the search box, if the search isn't automatic click the magnifying glass on the left to start the search. >You should then be presented with all options containing the word 'saved'; select 'saved logins'. >You will now be presented with all your saved logins but without the passwords. >Click 'show password' bottom right, you will be asked 'are you sure' click yes and the passwords will be shown. >When you are done, click 'Hide Passwords' > click 'Close' and then back out of the tab. Simple as that.

NB. You can also remove any log-ins you no longer want storing by simple clicking on the one you don't want in order to highlight it and then clicking the 'Remove Button' but be careful not to click on 'remove all', unless of course you do actually want to remove them all.
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