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Old 05-01-18, 14:06
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Default Re: Yoga 2 11 note/netbook battery

Yes it does and thanks for the idea.

I have tried turning off fast start up, which as you say is a sort of hybrid (if that's the right word) form of hibernation.

It's the same as full a hibernation state but it only stores to disc essential start up items/settings rather than all currently open work and the conditions/settings of any running software, plus temp files and any stuff that may be cashed or stored to the swap/paging file (or the modern day equivalent of the swap file).

They both should be full shut down conditions but stuff is stored to hard disc as and I am sure you are fully aware, so please excuse me.

I know I'm probably telling granny ... but the trouble with using full hibernate as an alternative to a proper shut down is that cashes are never properly cleared as they would be with a fresh boot, or at least that's the way my aging grey matter understands it. Fast start up only stores essential start up items.

Since XP (and maybe Vista, I successfully skipped Vista) it seems no longer necessary to consider cashes not clearing as a potential problem, so nowadays I'm not really sure what goes on there.

Anyway I have tried it in various setting with 'fast start-up' disabled and it still discharged down to around 10 -20% overnight (ie 8 - 10 hours).

Holding the shift key is a new one on me though, it's grasping at straws time so I'll give anything go (within reason) besides I don't think it would fit up there
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