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Old 08-10-17, 17:13
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Question Google Pixel smartphone allegedly receives iMessages!

With iMessages on, blue messages are iMessage messages to iPhones (with the recipient's iMessages switched on) and green messages are SMS to Android contacts as there is no iMessages for Android. But when I send to a Google Pixel (Android) phone contact, the message is blue - an iMessage is sent (why?) and the contact doesn't get the message obviously. The grey text in the box at the bottom where you type your text says "iMessage" for this Pixel phone contact but every other Android contact the box has "Message" as expected.

So why is the Pixel phone contact "fooling" my iPhone into thinking it receives iMessages when it does not as the contact doesn't receive any iMessages unless I resend as a text message.

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Old 09-10-17, 18:50
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Default Re: Google Pixel smartphone allegedly receives iMessages!

Not sure if I fully understood the question,

Although I'd probably put it more like: .. why is your iPhone identifying an Android phone as an iMessage compatible device.

I guess it will be a cold day in hell before Apple issue an iMessage App which will allow Android Phones to receive iMessages. Where as Android aren't that sticky and as both Apple and Android are basically both derived from the same open source free operating system there are bound to be still some similarities.

Just a wild guess but has your contact got 'Whatsapp' installed on his pixel phone which is similar to imessages.

Another wild guess is that as it's a Google Pixel Phone does it have installed by default Googles own version of 'iMessages' which is called 'Allo'.

Like I said just a guess but 'Allo' was supposed to be cross platform for either Apple or Android. Google are like that, they will let you use your phone for what you want to use it for. Although I'm sure Apple wouldn't like that and try to prevent it but could this be why your iPhone and the Pixel Phone are seeing each other as mates although the messaging doesn't work as it should.

But as I said just a wild guess.
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Old 16-10-17, 22:20
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Default Re: Google Pixel smartphone allegedly receives iMessages!

Yes you rephrased my title much better - that's what I meant!

My contact doesn't have Allo but has Whatsapp. So does this solve the mystery?
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