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Old 02-09-18, 22:27
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Default Re: How to check that Your Ad blocker is really doing its Job efficiently

You can always remind yourself of what it was like with the white space by temporarily disabling UBO and reloading the page! When I tried this, although the whit space returned, I didn't see any ads there. Don't they have any now?

@ Roger

When you've blocked the white space a described above, if you go to Open the dashboard' in UBO and then to 'My filters', you should see an entry or entries there detailing the filter(s) blocking stuff on WU.
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Old 02-09-18, 23:56
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Default Re: How to check that Your Ad blocker is really doing its Job efficiently

I had a Peek in at the Block element Feature and I certainly won't be using it . Its like the View page source and Inspect features albeit a Lite version of Inspect .Expert territory!

Honestly I was expecting it to be an Ad box blacklist type killer
You're Welcome.
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Old 03-09-18, 07:55
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Default Re: How to check that Your Ad blocker is really doing its Job efficiently

Originally Posted by tornado View Post
Greetings Roger
Post #10
1. Right click an image/space/advert > Block element.
2. A pink overlay will cover selected image/space/advert.
3. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the page to reveal options. Click Create
4. Clicking the uBlock Origin icon near to the Address bar, toggles the filtering on/off as
Refreshing/reloading a web page may be required for any changes to take effect.

Spit, many thanks indeed for your help. Easy when you know how and I followed your instructions as in Post #10 above (your quote).

Problem resolved in a few seconds.

@ Madeline. The filters appeared in My Filters after following Spit`s guidance.
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