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Old 19-07-18, 11:07
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Default Tape's to DVD?

I have two mini DV movies I wish to convert to DVD's, or MP4.
I used to have software that i could do myself some years ago, but have lost the knack now and don't have the time to learn again

So, Does anyone have any recommends of company's I can send the tapes to please?
Would rather have recommends from peeps who have experienced them please.
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Old 19-07-18, 17:25
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Default Re: Tape's to DVD?

We took our VHS tapes to Boots the Chemist a couple of years ago. They transferred them to DVD. You have mini digital video tapes and we used to have an adapter to play them in a standard VHS player so I assume Boots should be able to do that. Beware though it aint cheap.
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