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Old 21-05-16, 15:21
juliasdream juliasdream is offline
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Talking Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

I've had a Facebook account for a considerable time and like many find it's become an important means of communication, staying in touch with friends and even getting back in touch with old and long lost friends and relatives.
I'm not called by my christian name so it differs from my ID
Some time back I went to Sweden to visit friends and I was able to use their internet connection
I logged in to my FB with my usual password and received a message saying my account was locked because I was using the accound from a different location than usual
To gain access I had to agree to identify photos from 5 friends which I didn't think would be a problem until the photos that were presented were not simply profile photos, they were photos taken randomly from friends accounts, some were not even of real people
I failed on most
My only other option was to send FB a scan of photo ID such as a passport of driving license
My friends didn't have a scanner and lived far from a city where I may or may not have found a suitable service to scan a jpeg
I was both furious and helpless and had to go a whole week without my Facebook
Now it's happened again. I've been using FB from wifi hotspots while out and about. I may have made one mistake. I use VPN a lot to watch foreign broadcasts and I think I may have forgotten to turn it off making it appear that I suddenly jumped over to the US in a short space of time
All the same this photo recognition method is utterly rediculous and again I failed only recognizing 2 of my 150 friends
I dont see why I should send my photo ID for privacy reasons and even so the first name I use is different to my ID
Even the bank doesnt go that far
Seems I may be obliged to open a new account and try to add all my friends and collegues again and lose my entire history and photos etc
I wonder if others have been effected in this way
Who does FB think they are?
Oh, and don't suggest I write to them. I tried, therir customer service appears to be non existant

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Old 21-05-16, 17:09
Dave_1 Dave_1 is offline
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

whenever ive been away, ive left my account logged in so I can use it from elsewhere.

that idea came about after i was unable to log in because i carelessly left my log in details at home and fumbled to gain access ending up at the link below. it was my own fault but i had not intended to use it, as its not something i'm into fulltime. its just a means to an end. until your away and in need of looking in online

when i returned friends said i should have just made another account and text home to let others know. this would have allowed access. but i never thought of it at the time but all this is about security and its what keeps things safe, even if its frustrating at times
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Old 21-05-16, 17:35
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Sneakybeaky Sneakybeaky is offline
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

Yes it is frustrating but necessary in order to protect your account from hackers etc. Try enabling login approvals. it will send an authorisation code to your phone so that you can prove it is you logging in.
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Old 22-05-16, 08:17
silly1104 silly1104 is offline
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

I have used Facebook using my phone in Australia , Cambodia ,Thailand with no problems even when i put a local sim card in the phone.
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Old 08-10-16, 12:02
Cornelius Cornelius is offline
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

Its even worse for us someone has leggsd it with our company page log in. Facebook are not even contactable never mind useless. Utterly disgusting.
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Old 08-10-16, 18:28
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

Just wondering, those people who have had no problem, were they using an authorized Synced browser? Internet Explorer and I think Edge cannot carry their desktops to other terminals I'm doing it on Chrome and to a lesser extent on Yandex.browser
Does flag in the Log if the session has not been signed out on a none networked terminal (sometimes on screen on a authorized account terminal)
You're Welcome.
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Old 10-10-16, 08:35
silly1104 silly1104 is offline
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Default Re: Facebook have an appalling way of treating users.

I use Firefox on my PC at home and chrome on my phone and tablet as far as know i havent done anything to allow me to use Facebook while i am aboard and have had no problem.
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