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Old 11-02-18, 09:34
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Default Quantum Code Scam

Yesterday I started to watch a sponsored feature / video on Yahoo about Quantum Code. Looked too good to be true and I declined to provide my contact details.

A web search today came up with plenty about this scam. This is one review:

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Old 11-02-18, 09:43
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Default Re: Quantum Code Scam

An obvious scam. To good to be true so it isn't. Glad you didn't go for it Frat Park. Who is supposed to police this online stuff?

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Old 11-02-18, 11:04
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Default Re: Quantum Code Scam

Why on earth do the Americans have to waffle so much? All I wanted to know is, is it a scam, why is it a scam and what do I do not to fall for it. Instead I get a potted history of the scammers etc. I couldn't be bothered. FratPark has already said it's a scam in about 3 lines and that is good enough for me.
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Old 11-02-18, 15:00
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Default Re: Quantum Code Scam

They could be waffling because the review site itself is, I suspect, a scam.

What struck me as odd is the repeated bad grammar. God knows I am as bad as any for making mistakes when rattling off a post but to make them repeatedly in that kind of pitch on your site's front page smells a bit and in particular the continual use of 'found' instead of 'find'. At first I thought it just a one off typo but whoever wrote that English is not their first language and it has not been proof read.

So I did a quick google of the solitary investment software they are advertising and got this.


I would think the long draw out 'old soldier' trust me I'm trying to help you is to convince the reader they are knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy, in which case if that were so why would the only advert they run also be a Scam.

But then perhaps that review site is also scam, it's a bl**** minefield full of rip off merchants.
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Old 12-02-18, 01:36
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Default Re: Quantum Code Scam

Thanks for the info and the link to the article FratPark. That article and this one are a bit odd:

Quantum Code - Scam Exposed - Read This Honest Review

They feature someone called Michael Crawford - he's changed a lot since "The Phantom of the Opera" days. It looks like this scam has been around for quite a long time now.
Why on earth do the Americans have to waffle so much?
Some people like to know the ins and outs of stuff....something to do with cats' bottoms I think!
"I'm Irish. We think sideways." Spike Milligan. 1918 - 2002
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