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Old 11-08-07, 12:40
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Default Please read before posting

Firstly, if this is your first visit to these forums, thank you for visiting us, and welcome. We are a bunch of enthusiastic users, who enjoy helping other private individuals. However, please bear with us if you don't get an answer immediately. It may well be that the person whose expertise you seek is not on line.

If you are having problems with your HTML or CSS please make sure you have validated it first on the w3c website:
- CSS Validator
- HTML Validator

When posting your question please include the URL to the page or personal website you are having problems with. If you are using any web design software, please state what you are using and what version it is.

Before posting your question, do a quick search to see if something similar has come up before. If it hasn't, please start a new thread by clicking on Post. Do not private message other users for help, otherwise other readers will not be able to benefit from any solutions.

Please reply to your original thread, by clicking the button at the bottom of the post. This will help us all by keeping all the information on one page.

If a thread has been marked as resolved, but you have a similar problem to the original thread, please post a new thread. This will not only prevent confusion, but it means that your post is more likely to be seen and replied to.

If we do manage to resolve your problem or query, please let us know as not only has it helped you on this occasion, it may just help someone else in the future with a similar problem.

If you have any questions as to how to use the forums, please check out the Forum Information. If you don't find answer there, don't be afraid to ask.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Forum Rules

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy your time with us.

Some useful Web Design & Build links:

- PositionIsEverything - find out how to work around that annoying browser bug
- CSS Zen Garden - a showcase for what CSS can do
- 3 Column Layout Generator - creates browser compatable 3 column layouts.
- Useful XHTML links
- Useful CSS links

When making websites you may wish to include symbols such as the Copyright () Registered (). This website is a great resource for ALT and This website is a resource for all the HTML codes.

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