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Old 03-10-18, 16:44
george29 george29 is offline
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Default Word processing - layout


We are using Libre Office Writer but despite searching cannot find an answer to our little problem, hoping someone here can help

We are looking to keep a diary, with the main part being day to day text, but we will also keeping sub sections like, lets say pictures of things in one area and some tables of values in another etc.

While we can do this in a purely sequential manner on the main page and page down etc to get to the data, it would be good if we could have some 'page tabs' like the browsers so from the main page we could just click on a tab to go to these other sub sections and return in the same manner.

Is this possible ?

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Old 03-10-18, 17:46
mikec1 mikec1 is offline
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Default Re: Word processing - layout

Do it in Calc!
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