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Old 11-09-18, 20:45
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Default Are these USB security Password Apps movable?

I have purchased a Sandisk 32gb USB 3.0 Stick and on this drive they have included a Security padlock/Password App called SanDisk SecureAccess
and a Premium Save data ad to the Cloud App (which I shall ignore)
Nevertheless , I wonder if this App is Transferable or copyable to another Sandisk USB stick or even an external HDD ?(for my use only)
Only Answer I saw is the App is available on some of the File sites (Cnet has the most files) but the Version offered looks Dated, For XP and Vista (2014?) https://download.cnet.com/s/sandisk/

Even the Copy on the Stick "says" Windows 7 & 8 (dated 2017)
Windows 10 firewall Scanned it and did not flag it, which in my experience is a Cautious "Yes"

However the Target of this Exercise is to install it to the USB stick not the Hard drive folder on the Computer/Device
You're Welcome.
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Old 14-09-18, 07:54
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Default Re: Are these USB security Password Apps movable?

The SanDisk SecureAccess ap is a utility that sets up a secure encrypted container on a USB stick ( or HD) to store documents etc in.

According to this post https://medium.com/@esterling_/cve-2...k-4eabeca6bdbc on Medium there is a bit of a security flaw in the system.

Using such a container system is a good idea when carrying around sensitive information on removable media, but I prefer to use the Open Source and Multi-platform Veracrypt solution instead


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