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Old 03-09-18, 07:40
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Default Email. Focused & Other

Good morning to all at web user forums.
Does anyone know the reason for the Email. Focused & Other I only use outlook.com on my laptop but which one do we select to get mail is it Focused or other.
Have A Nice day.
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Old 03-09-18, 21:14
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Default Re: Email. Focused & Other

In 'Quick settings', which I get by clicking on the gear icon, my Outlook shows Focused Inbox to be off. At the bottom of that pane, you can click 'View all Outlook settings' and then you'll see Layout and below it there's Focused Inbox asking 'Do you want Outlook to sort your emails to help you focus on what matters most?'. The 2 options are

Sort my messages into Focused and Other
Don't sort my messages

Mine's set to the 2nd option and it works much like the Inbox in any other email application.

Whichever you decide on, you can always try the other one as well to see which works best for you.
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