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Old 26-05-18, 16:31
Cantrel Cantrel is offline
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Default Re: Suspect Files

I don't have MBAM Premium and I don't intend to buy it either, but you will have to refresh my memory as to how yours failed to install.

I've also used this website for earlier versions of Win 10 and pointed at least one person there for a Win 8.1 ISO - perhaps you'd like to check this website out as well, even though I've never had any alerts for that website either or when downloading the ISOs.

Old 26-05-18, 17:00
Moonshine Moonshine is offline
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Default Re: Suspect Files


I'm not here to test if websites are safe, or the contents, for you or anyone else.
I have out of curiosity picked at random an (Eng) ISO to look at.
This is what I have been given to download.

What I need to do when I have downloaded it, is to download and install P2P Torrent software.
As soon as I use that Torrent, my ISP and/or their agents will put me on a blacklist as a P2P Torrent user.
I will soon after, receive a 'friendly' email from my ISP or their agent telling me that they know what I'm doing or are capable of doing.
They will show me what 'they' have recorded me doing exactly and show what I have downloaded or tried to download.
I will be warned that if I persist in downloading P2P Torrents, I will face the consequences and potential legal action.

Is this what you want me to experience for you? Don't answer.

Please close this thread.
I started it and have no objections if you remove it or wipe it off the server.

Note: I don't know if every file/ISO on that website is downloaded by Torrent software, I don't intend to find out.
Old 26-05-18, 17:20
Cantrel Cantrel is offline
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Default Re: Suspect Files

I never got the Win 7 one to work.

If anyone requires a Win 7 install disk and they don't have a valid retail key to download from MS, I will usually burn them a couple and send them off to them and I wouldn't want to put you or anyone else in that position of being blacklisted.

I've downloaded a couple of their Win 10 versions without being pointed to a Torrent - perhaps it's just for Win 7 as MS has pulled that from all but its own download centre.

I'll close the thread as I'm also done with continuing posting in it.
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