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Old 14-06-18, 23:22
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Default Is it worth my while? Verifying my Presence on Google

What is your opinion of this Google search URL Support Page and what does it prove,security and B) Is it safe?

Get verified on Google

Fill out this form to complete the process of getting verified on Google for a person, organization, or other known entity on Google. This form should be completed by either the entity themself or an official representative of the entity.

I have seen many YouTube Channels with the blue Verification "Tick " icon and how would individuals Google Accounts fare if they too could be Verification ticked?
Do Note! The Application form is not easy to navigate .Keeps the Fake site makers out!
You're Welcome.
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Old 15-06-18, 00:49
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Default Re: Is it worth my while? Verifying my Presence on Google

I'm not sure what it proves and I daresay it's safe insofar as anything is safe on Google! If you've got a Google Account, haven't you verified yourself already? From Google Account Help:

Verify your Google Account - Google Account Help

There's this too:

Verify your site ownership - Search Console Help
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