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Old 29-11-17, 19:00
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Default Powerline and Modem query


I have tried looking online but I can't seem to get any 'joy' from my specific question.

What I am basically wanting to know is two things

1) Can I have different brands of modem and power-line plugs or is it better to get them from the same manufacturer.

2) If I have two different strengths of powerplugs (2 at AC1200 and 2 at AC2000) and a modem at AC1600 would the output strength for the AC2000 be AC1200 (lower strength AC speed or AC1600 modem speed). When I looked on-line the only information that I could garner about this was that the plugs would run at AC1200, but I would have thought that as the plug connected to the modem is one of the AC2000, then it would be at AC1600 (the modem speed).

The reason for the differences is that everything was purchased at different times, but now that our internet usages have changed (thanks to netflix and Amazon prime), then we are trying to keep up with technology but also don't needlessly want to spend money. I can foresee that the answer will be to upgrade the AC1200 plugs and also the AC1200 power-line plugs, but I was just wondering if anyone can give me any guidance to try and 'delay the inevitable'

Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully responding

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